Best osciloscope ?

Hey, I'm looking to buy a new dso and are looking to pay around the £230~ Mark for an entry level model.

I'm looking for a simple to use ui and at least 70mhz but preferably 100mhz And a sample rate of 1ghz Or 500 MHz depending on price.

Good Customer support and user base would also be a +

I've looked at brands such as rigol siglent Owon and hantek

Siglent SDS1102CNL hantek DSO5102P Wildcard - rigol DS1052E

Thanks in advance for your help ! :D

what do you want to analyse/monitor/view with it?

Mainly testing 1-50v DC-DC switch mode supply's for noise and testing smothing circuitory but occasionally arduino pwm signals and the occasionally low frequency lcd clock / data lines

I was thinking that a better option would be to go with a lower bandwidth scope say 50mhz 1gs and a usb logic analyser for the higher frequency digital stuff ?

Such as the logic 8 from

Thanks for your help