Best Place For ATmega328 Chips?

What is the best online place to buy ATmega chips? I am mainliny looking into the ATmega328 dips. I plan to order in lots of anywhere from 5 to 15.

Do they need to be preprogrammed with the Arduino Bootloader?

Im looking for about the same, they dont have to be for me. Ill burn the bootloader with my arduino.

ATmega328 dips

Don’t know about “best place,” but I just got ten (unprogrammed, of course) from Mouser at $3.31 apiece (plus shipping, of course).



Just the chip. I plan to program it myself.

I get mine from Farnell (European company), their sister company in the USA is Newark ( Farnell doesn’t charge shipping costs, not sure what Newark’s shipping policy is ;).

I got some from Arrow for $2.98, total for tax and sh was 2 bucks.