best place for library link

Hi all,

Ages ago I had my library in the Playground. BitBucket is removing old projects and I just got the last notice.

Where do folks put thier links to libraries these days?

It seems to be a mess, theres the old playground, github, and a list you cant edit in resources.
Did I miss a helpful readme in the resources section??

Somewhere, someone removed my old link.


The new system is Library Manager. This is a system that allows people to easily search, install, and update libraries via the Arduino IDE, Arduino CLI, or Arduino Pro IDE. All libraries in the Library Manager index are pre-installed on Arduino Web Editor.

You can learn all about adding your library to the Library Manager index here:

Please make sure your library is compliant with those requirements before submitting it for addition to the index.

More information about Library Manager here:

Thank you so much.

Looks like I have work to do.

You're welcome. I look forward to seeing your library added to the Library Manager index!

Looks like it got added.

Rtc-Pcf8563 Phillips real time clock with alarms.

There is another lib that is likely smaller on resources, but I noticed he did not comment much and did not do the alarm feature. I notice mine does use a fair amount of resources. Maybe we can improve that.

I am sure this needs more work, there has to be a bug or something lurking.

Please leave a note on Git if something bad pops up.

I have not found my surface mounted test board but I have some dip versions of this chip I can breadboard.