Best place for pcbs

Wonder if someone could give me a reccomendation please got a board 20mm by 20mm need 10 off

Iteadstudio, qty 10 of up to 50mm x 50mm $9.90 plus shipping.
Here you can see examples of boards I have designed & received from them.
Here's a recent one, double sided MiniMega2560 board, basically a Mega without voltage regulator, and offboard USB/Serial adapter that is just plugged on for downloading/debugging (I use an FTDI Basic clone), and to provide power while installing a bootloader with a Programmer (I use a 5 year old Atmel AVRISP MKii).

thank you
delivery about 2 weeks?

Usually less then a week to come out of manufacturing, then whatever it takes to clear Chinese customs and actually be shipped. I generally use DHL as the price for 20 or 50 or 100 boards is not much different than the other slower options.
For 10 small boards and no hurry, US Registered mail option is okay too. Maybe 2 weeks for actual delivery once it leaves the factory to the US east coast. I don't know where you are.
Have to watch out not to get caught in the Chinese New Years national shutdown that is coming up, they'll usually have some heads-up type announcements on the website about it.

IMHO.. there are several places that seem to fit your requirements.

As mentioned:


  • great price
  • small qty
  • Charges for colored PCB's though! (others have this for free)

SEEED Studios:

  • great price
  • small qty
  • free color


  • great price
  • small qty
  • free color

each with have its own differences.. but for the most parts is small sized pcb, in small small batches at (roughly) $10.00 USD (+ your shipping choice)

I have waited anywhere from 2+ weeks to 4-weeks!

If you want FAST.. I would maybe recommend OSH (if in the US)

cant grumble at 2 usd per board.

Nope, and with some care designing it and moving the markings around they can turn out looking pretty sharp.
Itead has a .dru to download to check the design for consistency, and a .cam to use to create the Gerber layers.
You can download a free Gerber viewer from to make sure the layers are as intended.
See for an Eagle tutorial on things to do and not do.


What about Any experiences here?

DirtyPCBs is good - and cheap, particularly if shipped via ox-cart. If it's 20mm x 20mm, you could put 4 onto a 50x50mm panel if you wanted (they let you do that, one of the great things about dirtypcbs). I have had great luck with them, and use them for a lot of my board manufacture. You have to accept that you often have to wait a few days before they send your board to the board house, and you can't make special requests, and the extra fee options are limited. But they are cheap and reliable and let you give them your own panelized boards for no extra fee, no "oooh you have two designs on that panel, that's extra fee" crap.

I've also had a decent experience with the PCB business's most prolific advertiser (I swear, at times literally 90% of the advertisements I saw online were for them and $unstone, which is an exorbitantly expensive western board house), PCBWay - shorter processing time, much more professional (like, you can contact the people at the actual board house, and they speak very readable engrish), and they'll let you pay extra for special options (V-groove, castellated pads, etc), they'll make panels for you, sometimes they upgrade you to ENIG for free (They did for my order), and they don't have as much of a delay between order and production, and they can do assembly and shit too. But, they typically work out to be at least a bit more expensive.

I still plan to use both, depending on which option makes sense given the requirements of my project.

The airmail/ox-cart shipping option is very unpredictable, can be much longer than 2 weeks - over a month is not unusual. Think slow direct-from-china shipping for ebay stuff, except it's never freakishly fast (which the ebay from china stuff sometimes is - I think there are two grades of cheap shipping) I always use DHL now; they are capable of inhuman feats of logistics, like, I've gotten things on wednesday that were in china monday night.

Does anybody offer black boards?

Does anybody offer black boards?

pcbway and dirtypcbs both offer them - check the others yourself.

Did you put any effort into figuring that question out before posting? I'm pretty sure you didn't. Dirtypcbs has their order form, with a dropdown menu for this, on the goddamned front page of their site. PCBWay has it clearly visible on their quote tool, one click away from the main site.

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I like China PCB Prototype & Fabrication Manufacturer - PCB Prototype the Easy Way
Got the boards 7 days after sending files to them. China to Canada. Wow!

Yes, but western Canada, you're closer!

Yeah, man. Their turn time is on point, or it was on the order I placed with them. I think mine was like 7 calendar days including shipping? dirtypcbs is like 10-15 typically (both with DHL)

Yes, but western Canada, you're closer! LOL ;D

Ordered a Power Supply (3 voltages, 17 pounds) from Florida.
Took 2 days to get to Calgary stayed in customs for 5 days, will be delivered tomorrow.
Aren't governments wonderful? :angry:

Took 2 days to get to Calgary stayed in customs for 5 days, will be delivered tomorrow.
Aren't governments wonderful?

- Sarcasm and Ironics Generator ON
That's why we need more local protection as Mr. Future US President would say (to feed more supporting admin staff at the borders ...)
- Sarcasm and Ironics Generator OFF

Im concidering a 4 layer board, it will fit in one of the makers offer ie 100 by 100 mm siszes, 2 boards.

I can fit 2 of my boards in this space do pcb manufacturers genually let you do this ?

Have emailed not got a responce yet