Best place to fabricate custom Arduino PCB?

I'd like to get a few PCB's fabricated with SMD components... any recommended places?

I should also mention this would be for a MEGA (ATmega1280) chipset. Trying to figure out if I should just buy Chinese made MEGA's and just create a custom shield? Or modify the MEGA Eagle files and add my own parts to it.

I've used batchpcb once and happy with the result. I'm making an atmega328-based board this time. I'll let you know if I get good luck in two weeks.

Same here with batchpcb. There are probably cheaper alternatives though. Depends on how many you are making.

I've had a few people recomend PCBcart to me, I haven't tried them myself yet but will soon.

Someone on this forum suggested this fan-operated PCB place. You pay $5 per inch^2 for a set of 3 boards, including shipping. I really want to see others making some comments on this place. I'm tempted to use it for a larger quantity fab once I've tested my first version.

Great info...

Jeckson Makassar

I use PCB Pool a lot.

Thanks for all the info! Which places also provide and solder parts on boards? Soldering wiznet and mega chips would require a SMD station since those parts at so small... Guess I could invest in one of those rework stations and do it myself... Do people manually populate and solder or is it done as a automated service at low run and prices.

Mavromatis: Screaming Circuits is a good place to get the SMD parts soldered, but they're not really targetted at hobbyists.

An "SMD Station" can just be a $20 hotplate and a tube of solderpaste. That's all I use. Smear the solderpaste roughly on the pads with a toothpick, clean it up a little with another toothpick, stick the parts on, put it all on the hotplate and set it to "Low".

Watch closely, and within 30 seconds or so after the solderpaste melts, turn it off, and remove the board. Tada! Instant soldered board.


you can get custom Arduino made by the factory in Italy.

Send me a PM if you want to be put in touch.



What is the best solder paster to use? Also, could I use a hot air rework station vs a hot plate to solder W5100 and Mega chips?

Thanks, Danny

I use digikey part number SMD291SNL10-ND. That 10CCs has lasted me MONTHS (I'm still only halfway through it), and it's not particularly sensitive to how you store it unlike some pastes that you need to keep refrigerated.

I suppose you could use a hot air rework station, though I've never tried it. I dove right in with the hotplate.

you can get custom Arduino made by the factory in Italy.

Really? Whats the minimum order and per-piece price? I am seriously kinda curious for future reference...


Co-ask! If my project goes well, I will need between 50 and 500 PCBs (0.56dm^2 per PCB) two sided no surface mounts. Thanks.

So I have my design ready, it's based on the Arduino Ethernet Shield (Eagle files). One huge problem! Seems like all the places people suggested doesn't seem to pass the design check. It failing on a lot of things, primarily the Wiznet IC pad widths which is a SQFP-S-10X10-80 footprint.

What gives? How do I get this made? I think I need the fine Italian fabrication quality to pull this off?

you could look at these guys , they do pcb fabrication and assembly. batchpcb get all their panels made by them.

I’ve used Seeedstudio 10cm x 10cm for $40 service before.

I recently found iTeadStudio who offer a similar 10cm x 10cm but for $28 but haven’t tried them yet.

I’ve used Seeedstudio for many designs over the last 6 months, I’ve been happy with all of them. If your board is close to maxing out their size constraints and you are OK ordering in multiples of 10, they’re the cheapest I’ve found for small quantities. Out of maybe 50 - 60 boards, I’ve had one single defect that was easy to fix.

With Seeedstudio do you get 10 pcs up to 10cm x 10cm for $40? Or $40 for a max of 10cm x 10cm so 10 would be of 1cm x 1cm pieces?