best places to host a Tec Blog?

Im not really into the world of social networking, I don’t Twitter, of MY-FACE…but i do fancy having a little blog to store my arduino creations and code on.

Any recommendations?

I would highly recommend not using blogspot. Even though its super simple, its maddening to try to post code there. With each of my 2 blog posts, it took no less than 10 iterations each of complete proofreading and repasting to get everything right, and now i dare not touch the edit button. I would definitely make sure whatever you chose has an easy way to input code without it being turned into html gibberish or getting reformatted

I use wordpress… they host for free, and you can also buy a webspace from any host company ( ftw IMHO) and use their very very clean system on your own domain… installs easy, great instructions, lots of additional plugins and themes available, plus easy to design your own themes as well. One downside that might not even exist any longer is that if you host with them, you wont get some features like posting videos or certain plugins. If you are really serious about this then I advise you to just get a webspace on your own, pay like 50 a year or something, and enjoy your very own blog (and space for hosting files like vids :))

+1 for Wordpress. Very clean user interface, and great support system. The other nice thing is that if you start with the free hosted solution, they make it very easy to move your data to your own web site later, or even export it for another platform if you don’t like Wordpress.

+3 for wordpress. I’m also not really in to the whole social networking thing, but I use it for a few other blog-like things I do, and it works well. Flexible, easy to use, and I get the feeling it’s more or less the de-facto standard these days.

Way to bring one back from the dead, buddy.

We might have a spammer on our hands, guys. Keep an eye out.

+4 for wordpress. As others have said, very clean user interface and easy to add content.


We might have a spammer on our hands, guys.

You sir, are an optimist. (Nothing wrong with that. Just thought I’d mention it.)

Keep an eye out.

No need…


just $1.99 per year for unlimited space

…is a lie.

The post is spam. The poster is a spammer.

^ I was being sarcastic :wink:

I have 2 webspaces and
Both are useless and outdated right now.

and they need a better goal
maybe I’ll make a *.pde upload service
If there is anny need ?
I have enough space Size: 279 MB / 10240 MB - (WWW: 272 MB - MAIL: 0 MB - DB: 7 MB) Size: 11 MB / 3072 MB - (WWW: 4 MB - MAIL: 6 MB - DB: 0 MB)

hcor3 is not much trouble to change since it is a upload site :smiley:
maybe make place where you can place your arduino sketches and pictures.

I’m kind of using it for my own Crap :stuck_out_tongue: