Best power option for servo & uno


I am looking for the best long term way to power a small basic animatronic project - it is just one servo, connected to an Uno, moving pretty constantly when the piece is switched on.

This is the servo I am using:

And this servo is the only thing the arduino is running.

I would ideally like to use a battery pack through the USB, such as this:

But from what I have read its not always the best option or can be unreliable? I have tested it using one like this and it seems to run fine but I don't know if it will stay like that in the long term?

Would a mains power connection be better? If so, which type? ( I have seen there are 9v 2A and 12v 2A options etc)

I am pretty new to electronics and don't know how much power something like this servo draws so I am struggling to understand the guidance about which power supply is best online.

Thank you in advance for any advice!

Hi, One key is a efficient power regulator from batteries (or wall power) for the Arduino and Servo.

Disclaimer: Mentioning stuff from my own shop!!

My solution for this is the YourDuino RoboRED (UNO compatible) which has an onboard switching type power supply for 5V from 7..23V (without overheating at higher voltages). 9 to 12 V is excellent. It can put out 2 amps at 5V and so can run multiple servos. See it HERE

Power source: Wall wart type supply of 9V 1A to 12V 2 A like THESE. or rechargeable AA cells in a battery case like THIS that plugs into Arduinos.

If you are near wall power that is probably the best option...

Hi Terry

Thanks for your response - the board you linked to looks good but unfortunately I won't have time to order one before I need to finish this project. I'll keep it in mind for the future though!

When you say a wall / mains power supply is probably the best option do you mean regardless of which board I would be using?

For example, if I got a power supply (like this one: would that be suitable to power both the arduino uno and the servo that I already have?