best RF 434 MHz module among these?

Hii guys, I have a project of controlling a swarm of robots using RF( After clearing this doubt, I want to know which of these RF modules are the best ones for this project. The range I am in interested at ranges from 1 meter to 100 meters and also which one will have less distortions and interference. It should be reliable as well. I don't know much about these modules and I am newbie in field of RF,so please suggest me the best one.

  1. 433 MHz transmitter/recievers with transmitter
  2. 2.4Ghz CC2500 tranceiver
  3. 433MHz tranceiver1
  4. 433MHz tranceiver2
  5. 2.4 GHz RF using nRF24L01

Please suggest me the best among these with above points mentioned. I need to complete this project soon... :|

A range of 100 meters, that is out of range of the very cheap 433MHz ones. Can it be 25 meters ? Is something in between the robots, like walls or obstacels ?

The simple on/off modules can be used with VirtualWire.

The 2.4GHz modules sometimes have a range of 30 centimers if you have bad luck. You should use 433MHz.

The CC2500 and CC1101 modules have a chip with a protocol on board. They need specific software to be able to use them with the Arduino. You have to make sure you have a good library for those and know how to connect them before buying them. The communication quality is a lot better than those cheap on/off modules.

In the end, you might need something like this: It is expensive, but they have a hardware selection of 8 channels and simple serial interface.

There are other modules like that, with antenna included. But you need to find a way to control them with the Arduino, and that can be hard.

For 100 meters you might need antennas, real antennas, not the copper lines on the pcb.

@Erdin: Thanks once again. I would prefer going on to cheap 433Mhz modules.And Yes, there will be walls in between as the slave bots can be present in different rooms at the time and hence the signal should carry enough strength to reach the final bot. So to extend the range from 25m(as you said) to 100m I plan to broadcast again but this time by the bots themselves till the signal reaches the destined robot(as they do have transmitter as well for sending sensor(temp,pressure) values back to main controller bot). This will not only increase the transmission range but also will prevent the system from lost package. BUT BUT BUT…, 1 thing I need to keep in mind will be decoding in a special way so as to avoid any duplication of commands and also to avoid false ones. I think, I can achieve this by establishing a good network among each of them.