Best sensor and wireless board for hand-worn finger switch ?


I have built a tracking system using a static Wiimote and a hand-worn circuit with three power IR leds fed by three NiMH AA cells.

I want to add a switch to the hand-worn circuit. The switch is to be used as a sensor and I want to send its output to the nearby computer trough a bluetooth Arduino board.

My questions are : 1. I plan to use a small FSR sensor put on the index's side and activate it with the thumb. Would you rather recommend another sensor ? Which one ? 2. Which model of bluetooth board would you recommend as I don't plan to add any other sensor but I would like it to consume the least possible power so to be able to feed it with my current setup or adapt it easily (I want to use rechargeable cells and limit their weight and size - three AA cells put on the wrist are OK).

Thank you in advance.