Best serial terminal for MacOSX?

Hi, this might be the wrong part of the forum as it is not directly related to programming, but maybe to the related topic "debugging". ;-)

Anyway, for debugging and serial interaction with the Arduino I have been using the "Serial Monitor" in the ArduinoIDE and sometimes the screen command, but I was wondering if there are better/alternative tools available.

I have been looking at the iSerialTerm (URL below), but before I buy, I would like to know what alternatives people are using on the Mac.

Any favorites out there?



I use this one:

It's nice, it's free and you can change it as you please.

The serial terminal in the Arduino does have some interesting features that I use now and then. Actually they could make it a standalone program as I don't use the IDE at all.

CoolTerm is excellent.

Two good tips, thanks!

I use "minicom" when I need to go a bit beyond the Serial Monitor. It's by no means a wonderfully modern GUI Mac App (runs in a terminal window or xterm), but it's a unix standard and free...