Best Servo motor to use for my situation?

So I'm trying to find a servo motor that I can run via the Arduino. I need one that can got >360 degrees (so continuous), and that can handle a load of up to 15-20 lbs. I also need very smooth, non-jittery motion.

So far, the only one I heard of is the following: GWS 125 2BB Sail Winch Servo

Seems almost too small.

Is this a viable servo? I'm completely ignorant about this topic. Any suggestions on what I could get?

Is a servo the right decision if I need something that will frequently (but slowly) spin 360 degrees?

Thanks! :)

Servos are generally required to control very small loads, in RC vehicles - throttle, steering, etc. They generally have limits of 0 to 180 degrees of travel.

Continuous rotation servos aren't really servos.

It sounds, though, like what you need is a stepper motor. They come in various sizes, from tiny little things to great big ones. I'd look into them before trying to find a continuous rotation "servo" that does essentially the same thing.


But assuming I want to use this motor to pan a plate that would eventually hold a camera, would a stepper motor allow me to have a very precise incremental range for the position of the camera? Other suggestions?

The ones that Sparkfun sells have a 1.8 degree step (200 steps per revolution). The stepper motor drive that they sell supports micro-stepping. That cuts each step by 8.

There are stepper motors with smaller steps - 400 steps per revolution.

Servos are not going to allow you to step any more accurately than that.

Continuous rotation servos aren't really servos

What he meant to say was "[u]R/C[/u] servos modded for continuous rotation aren't really servos at all".

@Kyle: You don't say what it is you're trying to do, or how fast you need to do it. Is the load simply something that sits on a turntable, or something your're trying to lift? Or something else?

The load is something that sits on a turntable, yes. A camera - of up to 20 lbs and as low as 4 lbs.

So I decided to look for a stepper motor - the one with the smallest step angle. Would anyone recommend the types here:

Would a unipolar or bipolar be more effective for this particular project - a camera on turntable for panning and tilting?

Unipolar seems like a much easier set-up.