Best SMS Antenna

Hello - I know there are a number of options for SMS antennas. Some look like a better one than the other but looks can be deceiving. I have seen them as a pigtail wire, a black tube of a few lengths and pcb boards of varying length. I have not been able to find which ones are best at getting a good signal or best and reducing power draw.

Any guidance would be appreciated.


What is a "SMS antenna"?

A translation error.

Maybe I am using the wrong word but I am talking about an antenna for a GSM or GPRS module such as the Sim800l or the A6 Ai-thinker.

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Most cheap antennas are omidirectional and built the same - just a piece of pcb or wire + a "creative" description on how it outperforms all others. As long as the wire is not broken they work.

In my testing haven't seen much difference in the "sticker type" from adafruit vs a cheap "black tube type" from ebay. They are so cheap, just buy a few different ones and try them. If you use the black tube type, be sure to get the right connector! If you have uFL connector on your GPRS board you'll need a uFL to SMA adapter of course, so be sure to get the right male/female uFL adapter and the antenna.

First determine what you’ll be connecting to it... 2G...5G. etc.
Then identify what frequencies/bands you’re aiming at (850-2200MHz or higher for 5G)

Then Google for the type your looking for
e.g 3G 2100 MHz antenna

That will put you in the right place.

There is a lot to consider when designing or choosing an antenna for RF performance, it’s a dark art !