Best software to draw/simulate my project? With automatic calculations

I am just starting with arduino and I am curious about what software do you guys use for your projects?
Is there such a thing that allow you to draw your scheme, and then automatically calculate resistance, capacitance and so on. So you can visually see where you have particular voltage/current, so I can properly choose components.
What are the best software to draw schematics?

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I use Pencil & Paper along with my computer to read Datasheets to sketch out a basic circuit, before using EAGLE CAD to design the schematic. It's up to YOU to work out the Resistance & Capacitence needed for the components using the Datasheets for the components/modules.

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ExpressSCH from here PCB CAD Software – ExpressPCB works well for capturing schematics and system interconnects.
I did the entire design for this box using the Classic software. Each card had a drawing, and there were a couple more capturing how they all interconnected to the main control board which was based around a ProMini (an Uno is pictured here as a fill in for a Promini that got zapped with a 12V wire that came loose).

Resistors and caps, you have to select those values for any design. For digital circuits, it's pretty straightforward; 1K current limit resistors for simple LEDs, 0.1uF cap on every digital IC. Typically 10uF to 100uF electrolytic cap on input to voltage regulator, 1uF to 10uF on the output (but why not just use a wallwart with the correct voltage needed instead? 5V cell phone chargers will do for many designs). After that, more needs to be known about the design.

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