Best solutions to get file wirelessly from Arduino ?


I'm working on a little project based on Arduino M0.
It does data acquisition on motorbike.
Here is more information about it : DAWA - Data Acquisition With Arduino -

I'm working on 2 improvements :

  1. I would like to be able to download the recorded data (sdcard) from a wireless connection like a smartphone or a laptop.
    In 1 day of use, I get approximately 8 files for a total of 6MB.

  2. Getting realtime data on a smartphone (with some graphics)

I start studying bluetooth modules (nrf51822) and then saw the ESP8266 with it's wifi connectivity and webserver possibilities.

I want to keep my Arduino M0 board but hardware serial or SPI interfaces are available to connect to another module/board.

I think there are many solutions to do what I want, does some of you get any advices about these improvements ?

A simple way to do this is via bluetooth. The Dumpfile example in the IDE is all you need. If you are looking at doing this on a daily basis, I imagine it would make more sense to have the data in one file and split it up in PC later, if you need to, and I bet you don't. Any terminal programme in PC or phone can download several files in one log.

Bluetooth Graphics Terminal does what it says. There may be others, but I imagine the ELM327 interface is the way to go.

Thanks for your help !

I'll give a try with an HM-xx BLE module
"Bluetooth Graphics Terminal" (or similar) is exactly what I need, it sounds great for a first try :wink: