Best starter kit(s) for Arduino?

Hello! I'm trying to find a great starter kit to help me begin on my projects. Preferably, I'd like to find a kit containing most of the supplies I could possibly need, but a lot of kits I see for sale are from China, and I'm not sure if they're high quality or not.

If I can't find everything together, I'd like to find:

1.) A good set of spools of wire, (different types of colors for different needs) 2.) A set of Transistors (as many in quantity and as many types as I could need) 3.) I know I'm missing something here.... 4.) Where should I buy a breadboard?

As always, thanks for your assistance, guys!

Don't worry about this being from China. I have bought many and all are fine.

Do you know where to find long spools of different colors of wire that are high quality? Thanks!

Which country are you in?