Best Starter kit?

I’m looking to get into arduinos but don’t know what I should buy first. I’m interested in projects with music, motors, solar panels and other sensors. I’ve found some kits online and at radioshack but as a day one beginner I’m looking for some advice.


Perhaps you should do a search on the weekly or twice weekly “Best Starter Kit” question posted here.

In summary, the common answer is - buy a Uno, look at items offered in “starter kits”, decide what actual items you clearly need to do each of the things you have in mind, price them out and see if any particular “starter kit” contains those at any price advantage to purchasing them separately.

A hint about solar panels: They only work in sunlight, and if at any time they are shaded then unless you are using a battery of sufficient capacity, your Arduino will lose track of the program it is running.

HERE I highly recommend these books to go with your kit: Here Here Here

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Greenlemon15: projects with music, motors, solar panels and other sensors.

That sounds suitably eclectic, but it might still be worthwhile checking what is in the kits that you are not interested in. Kits can fall between two extremes - I think you are usually better off getting a Uno and a few accessories off eBay, and building up as you learn with things you know you need.