Best Starter Kit?

I'm 16 and I live in Canada. I'm looking to get started using the Arduino. I've looked around for interesting starter kits but haven't had much luck. I want something with everything! So in your own opinions if you have any suggestions please let me know. :slight_smile: Thanks in advance.

You could just buy an arduino an get yourself some parts to play with. Dipmicro is a good store in Canada for parts.
Has a great review of many starter kits.

A related question is wether you want to do"Breadboard" based circuit prototyping, or use "Electronic Bricks" which are easy to connect to Arduino to start with but are somewhat more expensive.. Here's a link to some info on that option (This is a VERY unpublished Website, so please don't forward this link!)

One seller is SeeedStudio. See here:
(Search on BRICK on that site). Also many ebay sellers in China.

If you want access to some of my unfinished Arduino Educational stuff, pls email me:

You CAN learn a lot and DO a lot with Arduino! Go for it....