Best Type of Motor Shield for Omniwheel robot?

I would like to make an omniwheel robot, controlled by an r/c transmitter and receiver. I would use 3 dc motors to control the wheels, then on top of the robot, I would like to have a pan & tilt system comprised on 2 servos. On the pan & tilt system, I would like to have a laser, so I would need a way to activate the laser; either a servo used to press the button on a laser, or preferably a wire directly from an output on the shield. So, there are many motor shields out there, particularly a lot with the L293D or similar chip. These seem to be the cheaper ones (around $20). But I don't know if these are compatible with and r/c trans and receiver. The only one I know for sure is compatible is this one from maker shed:
However it is $40 and out of stock... So does anyone know if all motor shields are r/c compatible? Or if there is a way to make them r/c compatible? Or can anyone show me a motor shield that can support 3 dc motors, 2 (possibly 3) servos, and is compatible with an r/c transmitter and receiver? I'd rather throw together a shield of my own if that's at all possible, it's even cheaper and who doesn't like to do things themselves?

I've used esc's before, but not with arduinos. How would one go about using esc's with arduino?

Also, I don't know how much current the motors draw because I didn't have any specific motors yet, I just was going to pick some out that worked with my shield