Best Value Starter Kit

Hi all, Im new to electronics and Looking for a Arduino Duemilanove Atmega Starter Kit any pointers as to the best value one available in the UK



Welcome to the forum, we are not too far appart.

The one at Earth Shine looks good:-

They also have a PDF you can download of experiments.

If you haven’t got one already, get a digital multimeter, fantastically useful, reasonably cheap and not included in any starter kit I’ve seen…

Cheer chaps

@pluggy Ive alreagy got one from tuning my ecu

@Grumpy Mike Thanks, thats why I was asking, that was a better one than I found by searching, if you dont mind me asking where abouts in manchester are you?

North of Manchester in Helmshore but as most people haven’t heard of it I usually say Manchester. I had my first job in Oldham, well Chadderton. Then I was living in Whitefield. Basically I was born in Salford and gradually moved north.