Best Vibration sensor?

Hi. Does anyone have experience with sensors in an Intruder alarm, specifically those that attach to glass, to detect intruders, I understand that some sensors need the glass to break before it picks up frequency changes from the breaking glass, I am more interested in obtaining a sensor for my Arduino UNO to detect if someone is trying force a door open by levering or smashing through, so I think I need a vibration sensor of sorts ??. I do not want to use the standard door opening, magnetic type switches, because, if a thief gets this far it’s too late to save my belongings, I am trying to protect a small garden office.

Can anyone recommend to correct type of sensor to go with my Arduino UNO?



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I think you are looking for a conductive foil strip to glue to the glass or the door structure. When the strip is broken, the alarm is triggered. Put one or more strips where ever you want to monitor for breakage.

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