Best way to add sound to a project?

So I've seen products like this but the problem with this is you can only play, pause, and go back. I need to be able to tell it which sound to play, not to just skip to the next track. I've also seen MP3/WAV Triggers, but those are excessively expensive. Is there a cheap way to add audio to an arduino? Or would it be best to use a rapberry pi 3?

Maybe something like Sparkfun MP3 player shield?

ebay (search term "mp3 arduino") is full of MP3 players of varying capabilities, limitations, and price points. As always, $parkfun is not the place to go for a low cost solution.

I bought one of these. It works.

The player allows you to use DOS 8.3 files and folders or play song by number or prev-next. The music is WAV or MP3 on a microSD card on the player and no, I know of no way to get data from the card except through the limited music player commands. You can probably get a song list.

I'm looking for a low price MIDI player for someone.