Best way to approach this project

Hey guys,

Super green FYI. im looking for some advice on my project i want to know best way to approach this project and if its doable with my equipt....

basically i want to run 3 servo motors (28byj-48) with ULN2003 Driver
motor1: very slow consistent rpm
motor2: variable rpm with a potentiometer
Motor3: Variable rpm with a potentiometer

Is this all reasonable with an arduino uno and those steppers that i have...

If it is doable i will continue to do research and look for code that i can copy and paste to make this happen lol

Not enough experience to help, but those are stepper motors, not servo motors. Also the ULN2003 is just a darlington array - I think you'd want to use something specific to stepper motors.

Look for example code. Code that does exactly what You want has not been made. You will develop it!
Of course forum will assist in case it doesn't work at first run..

Make test code for reading pots.
Make test code for run a stepper.
Develop the motor code to handle speed control.
Then integrate the codes.

thanks for the advice as that was how i was going to approach it. but is it possible to run all of this off the one Arduino and have 3 steppers being individually controlled?


While these 28BYJ-48 steppers are commonly sold with the obsolete ULN2003 driver boards, it makes far more sense to use a TPIC6B595 to control two of them per chip.

Yes, it requires some coding, but you can drive several steppers with just three Arduino pins, which I would consider a substantial "win".

You will need 12 output pins on the UC board you didn't name.

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