Best way to control a large array of linear actuators

My current project involves using an Arduino to control an array of about 26 linear actuators such as this.

I have seen a few tutorials on how to work with one or two but what would be the best way to deal with this many? Will a standard Arduino Uno be sufficient for this project?

Sorry I am fairly new to using Arduinos and this task is very daunting to me. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Arduino UNO just has not enough PWM outputs to control 26 actuators.
What are you trying to build?

Here is the robot that I am trying to construct. It contains 26 actuators in total and I am not sure how to control them all.

There are to main approaches

Or you can divide your tasks and have a many arduinos connected by I2C or any other bus. Each arduino will control some set of actuators, like 'palm', 'elbow' and central unit will send only high level commands.

I am fairly new to using Arduinos

Start much, much smaller, and make a hand, or just a finger with two joints. Each one of those actuators requires a motor driver, at least two Arduino outputs, and an Arduino analog input.

You will learn a great deal doing that, and avoid wasting so much time on what will be an extremely complex project.

Plus, as I'm sure you are aware, just the 26 actuators will set you back $1,430.00. Most people would want to understand exactly what they are getting into before making an outlay of that magnitude.

Finally, how can you be certain that the selected actuators are powerful enough for all the joints and the intended loads?

Looks like for $250, you get an email with drawings you can 3D print all the plastic components.