Best way to dim 5050 led strips

Hi, i want to know the best way you recommend to dim 12v 5050 LED strips (60 LEDs/m). I will use a 12v external battery to power the LEDs and Arduino. I'd like to use pwm digital pins for 1m strip led sections. The question is about the transistor should i use for this.

N-channel MOSFET. AOI510 or AOI514 from
12V to + of LED, - of LED to Drain, Source to Gnd.
220 resistor from Arduino PWM pin to gate, 10K from gate to Gnd to keep the MOSFET off while Arduino is resetting.
I have 32 of them on a board I offer for driving large LED strings, here's a video clip of 8 strings of 9 LEDs each:
Cross Roads Electronics

That looks great, but i can't find those mosfet in my country, can you mention another similar transistors?

You need a logic level FET. Rather than us fire off suggestions hopping it has availability in some country you are keeping secret. Look to see what you can get and look to see if they are logic level. Look at the drain source resistance and if this is quoted at 5V or less, it is a logic level one,

Then tell us how much current you will switch.

Yes i understand, sorry.
I'll put 1m 12v 5050 led strip (60 led) in each transistor, its less than 2A.
This is some of what i can get here:


PSMN3R4-30PL - will be fine for what you want. Nearly too good.