Best way to display serial temperature data?

So, I am a newb who managed to get a pair of SparkFun RF link modules to work with a SHT1x temperature and humidity sensor to send the temperature and humidity wirelessly back to my arduino connected computer...

So what is the best way to display this data graphically on the web? I have a virtual private server that is itching to be used for something more than just as a secure VPN...

I am considering using Python to communicate with a php script on my VPS. Anybody do anything similar? Anyone know of a project doing something similar?


What's the Python script going to do? The php script on the VPS should be able to talk to the Arduino.

I've got an Arduino-based system that reads data from a Davis Weather Wizard weather station and puts it online for a client.

What I did was create a PHP page through which the Arduino posts each reading. That PHP code puts the data in a MySQL database. Then some other PHP pages query the database and display it on the web.

The database is simple: a Unix-style timestamp, a numeric station ID (burned into the firmware of the Arduino. It allows the system to be expanded to multiple remote locations), the IP address of the station posting the data (to compensate for the fact that security is lame: in the unlikely event that some mischief maker tries to inject bogus data into the database, it will enable me to weed it out after the fact), and the reading data. I used the DateTime library in the Arduino to simplify timestamp generation and avoid the millis() rollover problem.

I found a nice freebie PHP graphing class hosted on google code. I had to fix a couple of bugs in it: the "multiMin" and "multiMax" functions used values that were too small for initializing their result values. As a result, when I was using the timestamps for the X-axis, the library wound up returning its initial default as the minimum X-axis value, instead of the actual minimum data point. I also ran into a snag when I put a legend on the graph: the code that adds the legend to the output image stepped on the Y-axis title, and erased part of it. I never did figure out exactly what the bug is: I cheated and added some code to re-draw the Y-axis title after the legend gets drawn. It's ugly, but sometimes you have to sacrifice elegance on the altar of making the project deadline ;)

The advgraph project on google seems to have gone moribund, so my changes probably won't get incorporated (not that the kluge for the legend problem should be: it really ought to be properly fixed. Someday. By someone with the time and PHP expertise to really understand the code. I.e., someone other than me ;D). But I'd be happy to send a diff, or a copy of the PHP file I modified, to anyone who wants to use it.

One other word of caution about the graphing library: the documentation did not get updated to reflect some changes that were made to the code. Occasionally, you'll find something that doesn't work according to the spec, and will need to dig into the source to find that, e.g., the spelling of some graph property name was changed, so the code that calls it needs to be adjusted. But the results are good enough that it was worth the effort to get that much capability for free.