Best way to drive DC solenoid valve

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to make a circuit that drive 4 solenoid valve (12V 1,4A DC) using 4 digital pin on a Arduino Mega 2560.
I’m here to ask if my circuit (inspired by:
is ok and it can work in a reliable way. I need to make it really reliable because it has to work in a prototype of an industrial machine.

I need to use a octocoupler to protect my electronics and i added a capacitor on the solenoid as i seen in other topic on here (but maybe is not a great idea, i don’t know).

I’m not so experienced with electronics, (i’m a programmer) so i kindly ask your help!
Any advice is gold for me, i’m here to learn this world :slight_smile:

Thank you!

The circuit looks ok to me. I would not have the C across the relay.


Thank you Weedpharma! I'm making a breadboard prototype to test it and soon I'll post here the results.