Best way to mount DS18B20 three wire temp sensors?

I have 10x DS18B20 three wire temperature sensors I want to mount around my house. Is it better to solder directly to my wire, or to buy some small PCB and put the sensor on that, and wire the component to the other side? I'm leaning towards the PCB, but it's hard to find cheap small PCB I could do that with.

You can solder right to the pins. Use some heat-shrink to insulate the wires.

I find that 20 gauge telephone crimps work best for me, especially since tney come insulated and it takes seconds, Also if you want to speed up the response of the sensor you can put a heatsink on it or mount it to metal somewhere

Where did you get your wire crimps?

I got them from radioshack, you could probably find it online cheaper

Can you post a picture or URL of what you used? I'm curious if it's what I'm thinking it is.

Here's a pic off google