Best Way to Play Audio Using Arduino Uno

I just registered for the forum and am excited to be here. I have a rather general question pertaining to audio.

I would like to play a simple recording of my voice using my Arduino Uno. I did some research and found a Music Shield V2.0 from Seeduino that seems to be able to do so. I also found the following article that seems to be able to do so without the need for a shield. Are both techniques valid to play a simple recording and compatible with Arduino Uno? Is there a better, or simpler technique?

I have a deadline for this project rather soon, so ideally I would like to do this task without having to order something online and wait several days for it to arrive. Is there a faster technique?


faster?! The "tmrpcm" library is available to you seconds. U'll need a SD-card to store sound-files..