best way to power 18 servos

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i have to run 18servos at ones from some kind og battery But it cant be too heavy ??

they are running 6v (and i cant find any 6v battery)

servo (

now it 8mA x 18servos so in theory it pulls 144mA, but i dont know in RL

BUT. i have two of them ni-Cd packes on 9,6v and 800mA but i can only use 6v

what is the best way to get that down to 6.. or is there a better way to handel it..

thx for any help i can get

" Current Drain (6.0V): 8mA/idle "
Small servo could drain 500 mA or even more under load, expect 18 x 0.5 = 9A if you switch on all of them simultaneously.
For power you better look for "step-down" DC/DC converters, for example auto +12V to USB +5V switching charger will be good, so not with 9A rather 1-2 A.

but can i get a battery for 12v and 9A at a low weight?? i have yet to find one

Depends on how long you plan battery to run, they express capacity in A / hours. For small weight Li-Po battery is the best:

sry am not good at this kind of things :slight_smile: if i need it to run for 60min what battery will you pick??

60 min = 1 hour, capacity 9000 mA / hour. But with switching DC/DC from 12 V to 6 V you will need only half of 9000 mA/h or about 5000 mA/h incuding 10% losses in conversion.

This pack weight only 300 g. Tenergy Li-Ion 11.1V 5200mAh Rechargeable Battery 31199 - Tenergy

thx for the help :slight_smile:

Check the battery setups for the below hexapods which usually have 18 servos. Also a power converter called a UBEC is often used to convert higher voltage battery outputs to either 5v or 6v.