Best way to power 3V DC Motor and 12V Fan in Arduino circuit.


I need to include a 3V DC Motor and 12V fan in my project.

I am trying to find the most efficient way to power them both without having to incorporate seperate power sources and transistors - one of 3V and one of 12V.

I understand the function of a logic level shifter, or linear regulator in this scenario but am aware that if I were to go with a single 12V power source the step down to 3V is likely too much for the component to handle - I think?

Any suggestion would be hugely appreciated!

Also important to note: I do not need to run the Motor and Fan simultaneously - the fan needs to run for a short time (a few seconds) after the motor has stopped.

Voltage is one thing, could you provide some more information about the power/current, please?

Also what is the power source?

A link to the motor and fan might be useful.

12V power source with DC-DC/buck converter (not a linear requlator) for the 3V.


If you’re careful you may be getting away by using 12V and PWM with <25% duty cycle on your 3V DC motor, if that’s a brushed motor.

If that’s a brushless motor, no chance, it’ll need 3V.