Best way to read volts as Ohms

HI all,

Have mostly done Pi projects but having a hard time with this one and thought Arduino may be a good fit but need help.

Please let me know if this makes no sense.

I have a water tank monitoring system at my house and the senders output the tank level via voltage (not sure exactly since I am waiting to get one I can take apart ) but I think something like from .3v to 3v (empty to full). My problem is that my new monitor panel want to see this information in Ohms like from 240-30. This is 12v btw.

I thought about coming up with something using mosfets but don't want to over complicate and wasn't even sure if I could make it work.

Would this be a good project for Arduino? Would it even work?


Would it even work?

Not enough information supplied.

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