best way to set a 8/16 bits signal on pins and hold that data on a bus ?


I would like to have my arduino mega output 2 bytes (16bits) over the ports F and K.

these ports correspond with the pins on the mega named analog in A0->A15

Now I would like to use these 2 ports for setting in parallel the 16 bits of data and then I would use 1 other digital out pin

So… when I set for example portF to 0b01010101 and portk to 0b10101010 I want to give a pulse (being a rising edge or the opposite) and then the data should be held by some kin dof buffer chip.

I found some info about 74HC195 , but is this the solution I need to look to? These chips have 4 bits input and then you can set input, give some command on a pin and the input pins state are output on the output pins, but after that the arduino ports F and K may change, the buffer will hold the data.

I need this for 16 bits of data, so if such a chip is 4 bits only I would need 4 of them in parallell, unless other solutions exist ?

Any help would be extremely nice

Thank you in advance,


I have the impression that 74HC574 could be a very good solution for this ?

You are looking for a 16bit latch. Something like this:

(Unfortunately?) that is only available in surface mount.

An alternative is to look for an 8 bit latch and use two (these are widely available)
The 74HC573 is an option: