best way to turn off power

I have the usb duemilanove and currently connect it to the computer. Since there’s no on/off switch, I find myself having to unplug the usb cable to remove power from the arduino to make adjustments on the breadboard. I’m afraid of wearing out the usb connection. Anyone have any tips?

No off the self solution comes to me. Possibly obtaining a spare USB cable and hack the middle of it by installing a power switch for the +5vdc wire?


For information:
Durability of ‘normal’ USB connectors is 1500 cycles according to’s Cable and Connector Class 2.0 document.
(Although the wiki for Universal Serial Bus states 500 cycles)

What about using an extension cable - just disconnect at the ‘centre’?

Does that board have a diode to protect the USB port from power applied to the board? If so, could you remove it and install a switch there?

One of the additions to the Freeduino line is a power switch :wink: