Best way to wirelessly distribute music

Hi to everyone, I am pretty new with Arduino Uno (two weeks... and a temperature + light logger on top of the wardrobe :-D). Now I want to build a wireless speaker in order to have an Internet radio in my kitchen. I know I need an MP3 shield, but I was wondering if there exist some way to avoid the expensive Wifi shields (Arduino + MP3 shield + Wifi shield + Speaker seems to cost more than 80 euros!!).

Do you have any advice?

..maybe: bluetooth module ($7) -> 328p ($5) -> TDA1543 ($5) -> amplifier ($5)

pito: ..maybe: bluetooth module ($7) -> 328p ($5) -> TDA1543 ($5) -> amplifier ($5)

Hi pito, thanks for the answer. Since I'm a newbie, I'm not too familiar with buying things. My current shops are SparkFun and Cooking Hacks. 328p... is the ATmega328 pro? 15$ at SparkFun, do you know other place for less money? TDA1543... from SparkFun I see there is a VS1003 at 4.95$, maybe I can find it... but this is only the IC, I need wirings at least, right? bluetooth... the cheapest I can find is the RN-42, 14.95$

Please, let me know other place to find these things, and, moreover, tutorials about how to use "naked" ICs. Thanks!