best wifi shield for arduino mega 2560

Hello every one and thanks for your time,

I have been making a project with my arduino mega 2560 and i would really like to add wifi so i can make a simple web server to view some values on my phone. However upon googling wifi sheild i found the wifi 101 shield but it is discontinued and i do not want to buy a shield that is unreliable or won't work with the examples for arduinos own shields, i am ok with networking i have a ccna 2 cert and i have been coding for a couple of years but i am no expert so i would like to keep it simple hence why i want to use the web server example out there already.

What is the best truest worthy wifi sheild i can buy for my mega 2560 with examples provided - compatible with others. Lastly i will have to hardwire as i have used almost all the pins. i only have pins 2,3 and PE0 rx and PE1 tx available.

You might look at using a NODE-MCU, or similar ESP8266 device

PE0 rx and PE1 tx

I have no idea what these pins might be, but you might be able to put the module on the SPI bus and share with whatever else is there- - or move that elsewhere. You may even be able to use some of the Node MCU's i/o pins for whatever you are doing.