Betemcu arduino Uno

Hello everyone,
I got a Betemcu arduino uno board a while ago. I tried to install it on my windows 7 computer but it did not recognize the arduino board. It sees it as a usb 2.0 serial connection in the device manager. When i try to refresh or update the driver it gives a code 28 and tells me the driver doesn’t exist… I tried looking for the drivers online but there is no support page on the sites of betemcu…
Anyone who can help me out with this?
Thanks alot !

That board apparently uses the CH340G USB-to-Serial chip. You need a driver for it.

The CH340 drivers are here. Note that they are built into Windows 8 and Linux.

Thanks, but, what do you mean with “Note that they are built into Windows 8”. Can’t I use the driver (which one more explicitly, please) for WXP or W7 ??

If you have Linux you don't need the driver, other wise go and download it...

Thank you for your fast response (I can not expect it !!). The problem I am having is that I want to use it with both WXP and W7.
I followed your recomendations, but, first problem, the page is written in chinesse; second, I do not know what to exactly download. Could you help me, provide an exact url link or exact name of the file to be downloaded ?
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Our shop is called Chillitronix.

The file you want to download is marked with the download button which downloads an installer.

Thanks. Solved.

But I do not find product for your ebay shop. Give me any article number so I can find your shop that way.

Very good help!!!

Our ebay shop is here.