Better headers


I'm looking for a better solution for Arduino and sheild headers. I want them to be as short as possible.

I tried to use these but they seem to hold well only the first time I connect them:

Anyone has an idea?

Those headers are thin pin one's I think (0.5mm round pins) - compatible with IC legs (0.5mm x 0.3mm) rather than hook-up leads (I've used them without issue though).

The standard snap-off headers as used in most Arduino shields are available from many stores and have square pins 0.65mm across. In the UK I've obtained them from skpang, also they can be found at the larger electronics suppliers (though there is a bewildering variety of headers available to choose from)

Note you can't mix the two types, the pin sizes are too different.

I can't open your picture (likely issue on my end), so this may be a little off: carries female headers with PCB length leads in all kinds of sizes. 1x6, 1,8, 1x10, 2x3, etc.

Is that what you meant? Or are you looking for shorter height? Such as the shorter sockets that might be used in an Xbee socket?

I'm not looking for the regular Arduino headers (the square ones), but rather a different type of headers. They need to be shorter

At 2.54 MM pitch you have illustrated the available solution. I have only seen two variations .5 mm/.020" that fit IC sockets and the .66 mm/.025 standard square headers. There are several different [u]standard[/u] sizes available but not to the best of my knowledge any others available for a 2.54 mm/.1" pin pitch or spacing.???


This is really annoying The Leonardo is very very thin and those headers make it bigger for no reason :(

Do you want to use a shield with a headerless Leonardo ?

Solder it in directly ... Make sure heat is not an issue

Yeah I would have done that, but I want to use it again in more projects

split ic sockets ?

michael_x: split ic sockets ?

Thanks, I'll try that :)

I have purchased both 20 and 40 pin variants of a standard .019"/.5mm socket from several different vendors on Ebay, They're called strip sockets and read the information carefully as some are for the >025"/.66mm pins. Both are available. In March of this year I bought a bunch of 20 pin females.. Weren't too expensive as I remember. IMO


It’s a little difficult to tell from your picture, but that type of header
usually has 1 pin a little larger in diameter than the other pin, so
it makes a difference which way you solder the header to the board.