Better solution for attaching leads to leds?

Trying to solder wire leads onto leds sucks when you have to do a whole lot of them. Even with one of those little helping hand things, it's still hard to get the wire to line up, and the only quick way to do it seems to be to put solder on the tip of the soldering iron and hope the wire doesn't move too much when I touch it to it.

Is there a better way to do this? I've seen little sockets with wire leads attached for leds, but those won't work in this situation because of limited space.

I'm thinking maybe there's some kind of heat shrink tubing which has solder inside it? So I could just slide the led in one side and the bare wire in the other and heat them with the soldering iron and it'll shrink and make the connection in one go?

Or is there maybe some kind of crimp connector I could use with small guage wire for this purpouse?

I'm looking at potentially having to wire up hundreds of leds with wire leads here and I'm trying to find some way to reduce the workload, cause soldering these leads on is the least fun part of assembling these kits. Everyhting else goes pretty smoothly.

Oh and to clarify, the leds are 3mm and the wires need to run through a space not much wider than the led. And they almost immediatle yhave to turn 90 degrees from the led. So I can't use some kind of splicer which is 5mm wide here. Or one which is too long. Unless maybe if I bend the led leads 90 degrees I guess.

Is there a better way to do this?

I would wrap the wire a few turns is a spiral fashion and then solder. That should keep it secure before the solder sets.


Hm... guess I could try that. :-)