Better use of empty pages in reference


I just wanted to point a user to all available data types.
So i went to the reference page, and saw some links to all available data types.
But the reference start page has a lot of information, so a user might get lost in all of that.
So i followed a link to a data type, and found they are on a place linke this:

To lead that user directly towards some listing of types, i hoped to be able to link to
But that makes you strand in an empty page, and so do and

I would like for those pages to at least show links to the content beyond that page, so for to have links to array, bool, boolean, byte, char, and so on.

What do you all think about this ?

links from the content box at the left

Do those links:

work correctly for you when you visit them from a page other than

For me, the page loads at the section with that id attribute, then after a second the page seems to redirect to the URL without the id.

I'm on my Windows native machine right now and that's what happens for me. I don't have the same problem with my Linux VM that's currently open, but the VM is so slow that it almost seems like the timing is causing the order to be reversed from how it is on my native machine:

  • Load URL with id
  • Redirect to URL without id
  • Jump to page section for id

Those don't work for me either, windows and firefox.
Exact same behaviour, not too helpful.

Never knew this 'content box to the left' was there though.

I have submitted a bug report for the "redirect away from id URL" issue I described in my previous reply.