Better Voting system


We have these small voting controllers


Now they have been of use. But we want to improve the project. Issues now are the buttons wearing out, inconsistency in receiving messages and stuck to the environment of the receiver.

It uses a CC2500 and a PIC16F18344, I haven't worked with these yet.

I thought of using a WemosD1 mini (or even smaller boards if they exist) and let them all communicate thru WiFi with mqtt messages and power it with a small li-on battery and batter charge shield.

Try to make it on a PCB and figure out a casing (maybe 3D print it)

We need 400 pieces.

Is the achievable, or should we just order the same controllers again?

Something to build my self, or something to let the professionals do it? And where can I find these? :smiley:

Improving the current one could also be an option, but seems the least logical option.

It's a very broad topic. But I'm hoping to start some conversation about this.

I got two more images of the current PCB that might be of use or sparks interest among readers.

The buttons "wear out"? Do you mean the screened button labels or the button contacts?

Yes, you could build something with the Wemos D1 Mini or the ESP8266-01 then send button presses by MQTT. (At least that's what I would do).

The electronics would be easy- the mechanical design would be the challenge.

If you make your own , you are likely to have the same button issue down the line ?

Clean the switch on the PCB with a “magic sponge” , clean the pads with a bit of meths and try again.

Or buy again

My guess is the button contact on the labels on the inside.

Exactly the mechanical part is what I'm also affraid of blocking me to finish the project. 3d printers can only do so much. And the look and feel of the remote will contribute at the event used.

@hammy I was thinking of smt click buttons as they can take more wear.

My first thoughts would be:

  1. Exactly what on the current buttons wear out? The resistivity of the button, the button "cover" or something else.

  2. What button(s) might be better?

  3. How long did the current button controllers last?

  4. Did you complain to the mfg? Could it be the "new" button controllers have better (or worse) buttons?

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