BEWARE the esp32 is very picky with the usb cable!!

I've encountered following problem while installling the esp32 on my win 10 pc on arduino ide.

After placing the link from expressiv and installingl the esp32 on boardmanager the module still wasn't present. I couldn't select the port.
What happened?
For some reason my pc didn't recognize the esp32. My pc did it`s typicall noise after the plugin but in the device manger of windows the esp remained still not present.
It took me hours to find out what went wrong.

I tried out 3 and the third worked!
Seems like the esp module is very picky with that cable.
Make sure you've got a good one and save your time!!!

I’d be surprised if it was picky ... bear in mind some USB cables are only for charging and don’t have the data connections present , they don’t work !!


if Windows makes "the sounds", it must be a data cable :wink: