Hello everyone,

I am using a Lifa base for Arduino to work with labview13 version. I have a light sensor (BH170).

I know its I2C address, which is 0x23. I can connect with labview and check the lux meter.

I would like to create the same in labview, using I2C functions, … But, can someone help me how to include the already existed library for bh1750… in labviewinterface file or LIFABASE FILE.INO.

Or someone please suggest me, how to declare the functions in the labviewinterface.

BH1750.cpp (4.8 KB)

BH1750.h (1.81 KB)

LIFA_Base.ino (1.88 KB)

LabVIEWInterface.ino (23.5 KB)

LabVIEWInterface.h (7.45 KB)