Bi-color LED Matrix Scrolling Text Display

I have built a Bi-color LED Matrix Scrolling Text Display using 7 8x8 Bi-color LED Matrices and driven by MAX7219 display ICs. Although the sketch I am using to drive the display is "workable", I am still not satisfied with it.

I am using a chipKit UNO32 Arduino foot-print compatible micro-controller in order to drive this display with smooth scrolling effect which the Arduino UNO board is not able to achieve. I hope someone in this forum is able to provide advice on how to enhance my sketch so that I am able to drive the display eventually using the Arduino UNO with better scrolling effect. I hope to maintain using the wonderful LedControl library if possible.

You may check out the YouTube video I posted to see the text scrolling effect at LED Matrix Scrolling Display - jolliFactory - YouTube which is driven using the chipKit UNO32 board.

You may visit to find more info on my built and the Arduino sketch I am currently using.

Hope someone benefits with what I have already done and some others can contribute to enhance it.

While not bi-color, check out the Parola example in forum. It's light years faster and more effect capable even on an Uno than the LEDLibrary. Perhaps it could be modified to support bi-color.


Thanks wabbitguy for pointing out the amazing work by Marco on the Scrolling LED matrix display - Parola for Arduino.

For those interested on the Parola for Arduino, you may want to check it out at LED matrix display - MD_Parola, MD_MAX72xx and MD_MAXPanel - Exhibition / Gallery - Arduino Forum

Anyone interested in a Bi-color Parola for Arduino? There doesn't seems to be much discussions in the forum for Bi-color Scrolling LED matrix displays.