Bicolor matrix shift 4 places

Hi, I'm using a bibolor matrix 8x8 from adafruit bicolor led from adafruit
But I have position [0,0] at the center of matrix. Everything is shift 4 verticaly and horizontaly.

There is something to configure in library or somewhere else ?

The easiest would to redefine position [0,0]. I have no clue as how to index accurately negatively into a data array.

Hi, I change the code in Adafruit_LED_Backpack.cpp and every turn well now.

void Adafruit_BicolorMatrix::drawPixel(int16_t x, int16_t y, uint16_t color) {
  if ((y < 0) || (y >= 8)) return;
  if ((x < 0) || (x >= 8)) return;
      // I add these two lines
   x = (x+4)%8; 
   y = (y+4)%8;