Bicopter code opinion

Hey guys this year i have been working on a bicopter and i am doing polishing and trying to optimize it as much as i can.

In order to do that i will appreciate if someone can review my code and let me know what else can be improved there

Now that i was able to buy a 3d printer i am redoing the frame with it

Thanks a lot

bicopter.ino (9.2 KB)

Just because it is almost on topic, here is one I have seen flying:

Awesome video!!!

I hope i could do something similar to that.

If you have any comments on my code just le me know


Codewise, you are in over my head.
I looked at your code expecting to see the servo library being used. Instead you are talking to the timers directly.
Is there an advantage to doing it that way?

In order to control the servos and the motors i needed to use the timers because both libraries used the same one and the conflicted each other.

And based on what i have read and what some people suggested on the forum it is better to use the timers

Thanks for the answer!!


Are you using RC hobby ESCs for motor control?
If so, 2 servos and 2 ESCs (which operate like standard servos) are entirely doable using the standard servo library.

Again, I am not discounting other advantages that might exist. I just don't know what they are.