Bicycle Tracker


I wanna create a Bicycle Tracker (something similar like this).

I'm searching for the tiniest, available hardware, compatible with Arduino IDE.

What I need is: -A tiny Microcontroller which I can "fill" with Arduino Sketches -A tiny GPS Tracker -A tiny GSM Module to send the GPS-Data to a Website -A tiny Motion Sensor -A tiny Power supply with rechargeable battery (should be rechargeable by the Dynamo of the Bicycle).

I found the following components: -Adafruit Trinket - 3.3V (1.5x3.1cm) -Adafruit FONA 808 - Mini Cellular GSM + GPS Breakout (4.5x4.5cm) -Still searching for a Power supply -Still searching for a Motion Sensor

There are so many mini Adruinoversions (Micro, Nano, Mini,...) which makes me unsure if I've found already the tiniest one.

What hardware components would you recomment me ? Are there some other, tinier alternatives ?

Kind regards Alain

I hope my questions are not to stupid in your eyes but I would be glad if some would guide me through the jungle of arduino possibilities ;-)

Kind regards Alain

Until you have a prototype actually working to your satisfaction, it seems pointless to focus all your efforts on buying the tiniest possible components.