Big 10cm, 7 segment LED with min 7V power problem.

I need to plug in and use big LED AS-40011DMR-B common anode (link to product info - Wyświetlacze graficzne znakowe LCD OLED UART MONO TFT VFD LED - Artronic OPTOELEKTRONIKA).
It needs min 7v to run.
How can I force it to work with arduino mega?

Can I put 9V do DC port, and then use VIN as common anode and plug it to pin 1 on led, that using normal digital pins to start that LED will it work?

Big 7-segment LEDs are usually controlled with a chip from the TPIC6x595 shift register family.
The TPIC6B595 is cheap on ebay.

Or use this breakout board.
Sample code on the same page.

A Mega is not needed. An Uno/ Nano can drive a whole score board.

I manage to to this with 8 Relay module and 9V power source.
thanks for your help