Looking at starting a new project to collect data through Bluetooth, save it on a SD-card and collecting the data via Wifi.

User interface is a display /w touch screen (5-8"). From multiple PCs one must be able to collect the data, through a web-browser.

The Wifi-shield has a SD-memory + Webserver functionality. For example:

Bluetooth that goes over the UART.

The display comes in 2 versions: SPI or Parallel (40pins).

This LCD+touch shield looks cool. Anyone tried it or know if it's any good?

I believe the Arduino MEGA is my only choice since i have at least 3 shields running on SPI Except the BT that goes on UART. Any suggestions or ideas if this is possible at all or what i should beware and think of before getting started.

I had the very similar question but I don't have a BT. And yes still no replies from anyone...I doubt that we are the 1st people to try this..

bmwbinu: I had the very similar question but I don't have a BT. And yes still no replies from anyone...I doubt that we are the 1st people to try this..

Indeed. They are both overly ambitious projects with very vague descriptions what they will do. If you have not coded say 5,000 to 10,000 lines of code in the past, not cut and paste, and mainly in C/C++, you will never complete it. Start with something small. Arduino is not legos, you can't just plug everything together and expect them to "work".

Thank you for your reply. It's not a matter of number of lines you have coded before. It's a matter of given the fact that the MEGA has this many PINS will it support all these devices? It's very obviously not Legos. The question was posted to here to see if it has been done before or can it even be done.

Yes, MEGA has enough pins to physically interact with all these devices OP listed or you listed in your post. Thing is, OP is giving a very vague description of what he wants to do, just "big project". Line count is useful. When you get over a few projects you code yourself, you know what you CANT handle. "BT+WIFI+DISPLAY+TOUCH+SD" all together, and doing something useful, you need something like 3,000 lines of code to contain that much logic. If you've never done a project that long, try something to make you grow the skill. Arduino IDE is also not very good once you have over about 1,000 lines of code. There is little provisions on project management.

So apart from yes they connect, can you do something meaningful with a MEGA, it's very hard. To display on such size screen, you need equal size buffer to render anything more than simple texts and box-icons. That is hundred KB of SRAM that MEGA has NOT. You can get a memory expansion module to get up to 512KB but you soon find yourself at the mercy of the designers of the memory module and lcd. It's unlikely they don't have any pin conflict.

I am always against arduino + med-def displays. Simply not enough memory to make good use of the display. You need at least a middle-man, such as a game shield to do vga on a standard display, or a raspberry pi for full HD over HDMI. An 8-bit microcontroller can do very little when it comes to displays and storage.