Big motor!HELP!!

I have obtained a 240 volt high torque drill motor and am wondering if there is any way i can run it through arduino uno :confused:

"Big" and "240V" are a start, but not enough to describe a motor.

AC? DC? Universal? Induction? PMDC? Synchronous? Power, current?

Really, the size, voltage, HP rating, speed, etc of the motor are irrelevant to whether not you can use the Arduino. Use of the Arduino depends mostly on the control strategy you want to use. What will depend on the motor rating is the interface between the Arduino and the motor power supply--you must isolate the Arduino from high voltages, electrical noise etc generated by the motor and make provision for proper grounding of both the Arduino and the power control equipment, above all for safety, to make sure you don't have the Arduino floating at some voltage above ground.


Well I was thinking the OP might like to know how to drive their particular motor, its likely that's the intention, not just get a "yes" or a "no" response!