big problem with my phone ! i don't know where to go !!

i have looked on internet for hours and hours for this , and i found nothing , the only place i know is this forum .
i had a very important folder in my phone (a samsung phone operated by Android 5.1)
in the file manager (the one that comes with the OS) there is an option "crypter" in french that's "encrypt"
the one shown in the picture below ..
i pressed on that option by mistake , and now i can't even find that file .
i looked for a while and couldn't find it with the file manager , and i looked for what that option does on the net for a long time and no one seems to know .
someone has to know what this option does right ? after all it exits on the operating system !

please if you know who i should ask about this , or if someone here knows something , help me !
the folder contains vital information for my job !

thank you !

OH dear i know what you mean.
No useful suggestions if you cannot find on the internet though.

I hope you solve it , when you do , chuck it in the toilet and replace with a phone you can ring people up on .

Not one that chats to the computer, local girlfriend you did not remember or toaster.

If you let it talk to the toaster expect a call from the Indian ministry of justice wanting your bank details so they can return to you the fines due to you for mis selling of paddling pools to Nigerian princesses.


I had to get a new phone for some reason, lost my entire contact list in the process.
35 years of contact numbers.
Devastating, also my own fault for not seeing the problem.

might be pertinent.